Thursday, July 28, 2011

Container Gardening

Now what has this got to do with baking, you ask??  Alot, I answer!   About the only thing that is doing really well in my gardens this year seems to be my herbs.  And it is so nice to be able to scurry out to my gardens (you don't walk out there in this heat - you scurry really fast!) and be able to pick a bunch of fresh herbs to be used in whatever you are cooking or baking.  The great thing about growing herbs and vegetables is that you don't have to live on a huge farm to do this.  Almost all of these can be grown in containers (or pots) - so those of you living in apartments or with small yards - have no fear - you, too, can enjoy the fruits of your own labor!!

I found this wonderful book at the library and, eventually, went out and bought my own copy.  It is called The Boutiful Container written by McGee and Stuckey.  Everything you ever wanted to know about container gardening and it also has some great recipes, too.  And, no, I do not get any kick backs for endorsing this book - don't know the ladies that wrote it - just think it is a neat book.

Anyway, what made me think about gardening, etc.  I recently read an article about a pizza restaurant I believe that is located in New York somewhere that had a really great idea.  Right next to the restaurant, the owner is growing a garden loaded with all sorts of tomatoes, onions, every type of pepper imaginable, etc.  When someone wants to order a pizza, they go out to the garden and pick what they want on the pizza, what a great idea is that!!  Talk about using local products!  How much more local can that be!  Of course, that would only work during the warm months.  What a neat idea, though!

Back to the container gardening . . . can you imagine using fresh herbs in your baking and cooking?  You would be surprised at the difference!  Give it try - start out with one of your favorite herbs like basil or oregano and maybe a pepper plant and see how that works out.  If you can't find anything in the stores, you can always order seeds on-line.

Have fun and enjoy your new gardening adaventure (oh my, do I see a new blog??)

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