Friday, September 23, 2011

Blueberry Cobbler

This isn't exactly what you would consider a "Fall" type baking adventure and blueberries are definitely not in season.  So how on earth did I end up making blueberry cobbler yesterday.  Now that is the million dollar question.  Well, get yourself a cup of coffee and pull up a chair!

My son has been asking me for the last several days to make him a cobbler.  Yesterday, I had to go to the store to pick up a prescription for my husband, so I figured while I was there I would pick up some peaches and the necessary supplies to make peach cobbler.  Everyone makes peach cobbler.  When you think of cobbler, what comes to mind - peaches!!  The two go hand in hand.  Anyway, after picking up the prescription, I head to the produce aisle and there in the middle of all the produce is a HUGE sign that says SALE!!!   BLUEBERRIES HALF PRICE.  Now any red blooded female is NOT going to bypass ANY sale.  So I pick up 4 cartons of blueberries and head on my merry way, completing forgetting about the peaches (until I get home and see the eager face of my son).  So I made a mad dash to the computer, wildly searching the Internet hoping that there is such a creature as blueberry cobbler!  It's a miracle!!  There is!!  And here is the recipe . . .

Blueberry Cobbler

3 cups fresh Blueberries
3 T white sugar
1/3 cup orange juice
2/3 cup all purpose flour
1/4 t baking powder
1 pinch of salt
1/2 cup butter, softened (I always use unsalted)
1/2 cup white sugar
1 egg
1/2 t vanilla extract


1.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees
2;  In an 8 or 9 inch square baking pan, mix blueberries, 3 T sugar and orange juice.  Set aside.  In a small bowl, mix flour, baking powder and salt.  Set aside.
3.  In a medium bowl, cream butter and 1/2 cup sugar until light and fluffy.  Beat in egg and vanilla extract.  Gradually add flour mixture, stirring until ingredients are just combined.   Drop the batter by mounded spoonfuls on top of blueberry mixture.  Try to cover as much of the filling as possible.  I took a knife and smooth the batter a round a bit.
4.  Bake in preheated over for 35 to 40 minutes, until the topping is a golden brown and filling is bubbly.

This is excellent with vanilla ice cream (well, isn't everything excellent with vanilla ice cream!!).  My son is happy that he got his cobbler.  I was a little hesitant about adding the orange juice, it does add a little bit of tartness to the berries, but it is a good tartness, not a overpowering sour tartness.  This is definitely a keeper recipe.


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