Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Creating your own starter

If you have been following this blog, you will remember, probably about a year ago, that we created a starter using pineapple juice (and, hopefully, it is still alive, well and kicking!).   If not, do not despair!!  Help is here!  Here is another way to create your own sourdough starter.  This is from my good friend, Old Camp Cook's website.  Creating your own sourdough starter is so easy.  Basically all you need is flour and water (and a jar, of course, to put the flour and water in!).
(for those that can't tell, that is a wooden spoon in the jar!).

Here is the recipe to create your own starter:

1.  In a clean jar (I always use a quart size mason jar), place two tablespoons of flour (I am using plain ole all purpose flour here). Add one tablespoon of Spring water.
2.  Stir well. Cover either with a lid with several tiny holes punched in it or with a closely woven cloth (cheesecloth). You want some air to get to your starter, but not bugs. Fruit flies seem to like developing starter really well
3.At 12 hour intervals, you need to feed the starter.  This means you will take 1 teaspoon of starter (throw away the rest - I know this seems wasteful!), feed it 4 teaspoons of flour and 3 teaspoons of Spring water.  Mix this all together in your jar and cover again with your lid or cloth
4.  After about 4 days of this schedule, you should see bubbling action. That means your starter is alive and well. Continue this schedule for about 7 days to ensure that your starter is really alive and kicking!.

See!  Wasn't that easy!  Now go get your jars!

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